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In today's ultra-fast world of high tech, high flying media, vast and multitudes of uncertain information about beauty and cosmetics come at us faster than a speeding bullet. Hollywood's elite, with their airbrushed, personally trained and Botoxed filled lifestyles are in our faces twenty-four hours a day if we are open to it. Walk into any variety store and the choices regarding ultimate beauty and the best cosmetics are endless.

Prices can range from $1.50 to hundreds of dollars. Beautiful, well designed packages reach out to us and starlets flash their smiles from their plastic replica's above well lit and graphically adjusted displays. Promises to permanently whiten, radiantly brighten, glowingly freshen, vibrantly rejuvenate, de-wrinkle, lift and fortify abound from every direction. Rows and rows of ever-changing cosmetic offerings online games promising to make us look younger, ageless, timeless and perfect in a society of instant, want it now and forever thinking can make the choice for the right beauty and cosmetic products staggering at the very least. Infomercials from beauty queens of era's gone by, touting their never before revealed beauty secrets and cosmetic fountains of youth attack us in our homes during the dinner hour.

There is virtually almost no escape. Our teens and kids are bombarded with messages of the latest and greatest beauty and cosmetic innovations from sun up to sun down. How on earth (or in Cyberland) does anyone decide what products to choose, what really works and doesn't, what might be potentially harmful and what is just a downright waste of dollars? And, in the real world, what really is beautiful? Is it a made up, plumped up version of a person with extra cosmetics and hair removal and a face lift? Or is beauty something that comes, like the age old adage, from within?

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